Gothic T-shirts, sexy babydoll tees - gothic/industrial, geekware, and occult merchandise - from Voodoo to Wicca and more. H.P. Lovecraft T-shirts.

Diavolo Productions

diavolo: ['djavolo]
(n)(m) devil

dia volo:
it gives flight

You have reached Diavolo Productions, my home base for current projects. Generally speaking, I commit upon the world nameless atrocities that fall under the categories of Web engineering, Graphic Design, Fiction, and Travel Writing.

You can peruse my book cover designs, or...

Check out Sigh Co. Graphics, our tiny apparel company. You can buy groovy Gothic/Industrial t-shirts and sexy babydoll tees. Also, geekware and occult wear for the discriminating practitioner - from Voodoo to Wicca. Buy our shirts!

We also have a new venture, Arkham Bazaar, featuring Lovecraftian Novelties and Other Weird Oddities. We've got Cthulhu Fish for your car, Lovecraftian poker cards, books, CDs, Lovecraft Collection DVDs, bumper stickers, and much much more. Who is H.P. Lovecraft?

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