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Diavolo Productions

Dallas Visit

Due to our membership in one of the most closely guarded secret societies of our time, we were summoned to the great Babylon of Texas, Dallas, for a bacchanal of epic proportion. Thanks to our kind hosts of Dallas locals, the good Reverend and his charming wife, the vivacious Valerie, Elequin and Lil (with Ernie from Austin in tow), Demo Dave, and I'm sure more that I'm forgetting.

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Cruiser and the Capitol Back off papparazzi Whoa... my head feels funny What did you just say about my package? Drinks in the living room
The Tears of a Clown Who's in the kitchen with Ryan? What are you lookin' at? Mmmm... Roast Beef Stalking the crowd
Sophisticates and Barons of Society So, I had this drink in my hand Steak 'n' Potatoes It's very late... Aaaah! It's Satan!
Why buy a house... No, not the sun! You're getting very sleepy Two long lost friends meet again Your Worst Nightmare
A club I barely remember Secret Society Annual Portrait Accident!

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