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Diavolo Productions

Party Time!

Our first house party was a lot of fun. As it turns out, there wasn't much to do that week, during our first club-based dramathon. The popular club nights had closed down to screwed up management and more than a little negativity. Sigh. On the upside, a lot of people came to our party. Sweet!

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In a darkened room... The Red Room In the neighborhood We call to you, oh spirits... Serene
Help! Party, party, party Amber on her knees... Mmmm... molestation, my favorite. I'm so blue
Libations and porno Mephisto Triumphant Talk to the hand Don't hurt me! To sleep, perchance to dream
Excuuuuuuse me! A Shot in the Dark Snacks and more Who's that girl Who me?
Party Flyer

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