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Mardi Gras 2002

Mardi Gras is the classic carnival, New Orleans-style. The word Carnival is derived from latin roots meaning, essentially "goodbye to meat." In practice, Mardi Gras is about that last big bang before giving up vice to Lent. Here are photos of our first Mardi Gras in our new home.

Bacchus Parade Party

Penguin invited us over to view the Bacchus parade from his residence, and afterwards treated us to a Bacchanal inside.

Mardi Gras Day

Fat Tuesday itself! This is the day that the whole town comes out in all of its obscene and grand glory. Costumes, the most royal parades, and general freakishness rules the day.

Rex Parade

The spectacular Rex Parade.

Nighttime during Mardi Gras Season

The French Quarter is a stunning and fun place during Mardi Gras Season. Especially at night.

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