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Bacchus Parade Party

Penguin invited us over to view the Bacchus parade from his residence, and afterwards treated us to a Bacchanal inside. The parade is a classic, with overwhelming lit floats, and twirling flambeaux. It was a sight to see.

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Jazz Clown around
Hidden Faces Another Float
Float St. Charles Throw Me Something, Mister Green streak More Flambeaux
Bacchus Float Masks and Lights Mmm... tasty little girls A Different Drum Razorback
Bulbs Flambeaux Doubloons for all Bacchus lights Kong
Thar she blows Ships ahoy Don't Eat Me! Oooh... pretty Penguin in the dark
Everybody Loves David The Usual Not again Blurry Penguin Penguin in da hood
Oh my Zoe making an exit Geez. Cheese. Masks French Quarter after Bacchus
Let's hear it for body piercing...

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