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Mardi Gras Day

Fat Tuesday itself! This is the day that the whole town comes out in all of its obscene and grand glory. Costumes, the most royal parades, and general freakishness rules the day. It was probably the most drunken fun I've ever had in a single day.

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Mr. Saturday Lundi Gras Beads for Butt Man Tear Your Soul Apart! Costumes and Beads
What Kind of Cowboy? Ack! Parrots ahoy. The Butts have it Pretty in Gold Butt Demon
Dixieland on Wheelz Yella Fellas Mmmm Parasol Royal Street
What? The Freaks are out tonight Royal Street Royalty McBurglar Man in the Mirror
Crazy like a fox A View Down Chartres Costumes Trucks! Parade of Big Trucks
Swamp Thing Mardi Gras costuming Royal Street The Best Head in the Quarter Giant Robot!
Fueling the Gorgon The Gorgon Captan Morgan and His Fair Lass A Hard Day Who knows
The red coats are coming And yet more police More police Love the hat Mardi Gras is over
Flashing Lights The Last Parade An Officer and a Penguin The Spoils of War The Trashman cometh
Dude passed out

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